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Mable & The Wood

Coming Soon To Kickstarter

A 2D action platformer. You are a shapeshifting faerie girl who can drag her sword while in human form or drop it & fly away in faerie form, re-summoning the sword to destroy anything in its path. Flying drains colour from the world, which is only restored by killing the creatures of the wood that you are sworn to save.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Due Some Time in 2016

A detailed exploration of the strange social phenomenon that is queueing. An activity so important to the very structure of civilisation that it can be spelled in TWO different ways, with both spellings accepted as correct by the Concise Oxford Dictionary.

So, what are you waiting for? Me, I'm waiting to port it to GameMaker & release it as a co-op multiplayer extravaganza.

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screenshot of What Are You Waiting For
screenshot of A Shadow In The Night

A Shadow In The Night

Released August 2015

With music & sound from James Campbell, A Shadow In The Night is a single screen platformer controlled entirely with the mouse.

Somewhere between Super Meat Boy, Mighty Jill Off & Desert Golfing, you are a vampire who must eat all of the yokels on the level before the sun rises & turns you to dust.

I'm hoping to release a post jam version at some point in 2016.

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Black Hole Surfer

Released December 2014

Inspired by my recent watching of Interstellar & my playing too much of Super Hexagon, you must surf around the edge of a black hole & avoid the debris that is being pulled in.

You control the ship with left and right to circle around the black hole, while pressing both at the same time to move away, thus limiting your ability to dodge stuff.

It's fun. Super difficult, but fun.

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screenshot of Black Hole Surfer
screenshot of Gas & Air

Gas & Air: Arctic Expedition

Released April 2014

As the explorer and famous botonist, Dr T. S. Winklebottom, your expedition to the poles has taken a turn for the worse. Now you must battle against the elements and collect enough gas to survive this forsaken place.

Originally a Ludum Dare entry, Gas & Air was designed as a sedate endless runner in which you use the momentum of the balloon to float through the world.

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You Only Get One Face

Released December 2013

Shave my face, find the hidden beards and vote for your favourite by donating to the linked charity (although that voting has now ended and my beard has grown back thankfully).

Created as a charity game with Newgrounds and featured on their front page, You Only Get One Face has had over 45,000 plays since it was originally released.

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screenshot of You Only Get One Face

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